Our meet ups are the last Monday of every month. We meet at :

Room 6.17, 6th Floor

St Margaret’s House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE

2016 Dates

Mon 25th January – 7.30pm
Mon 29th February – 7.30pm
Mon 28th March – 7.30pm
Mon 25th April – 7.30pm
Mon 30th May – 7.30pm
Mon 27th June – 7.30pm
Mon 25th July – 7.30pm
Mon 29th August – 7.30pm
Mon 26th September – 7.30pm
Mon 31st October – 7.30pm
Mon 28th November – 7.30pm


We charge £3 per session for room hire, refreshments and materials. When we are starting a new project we usually give a bit more depending on what material we need or you will be asked to provide a small amount of fabric each. We keep the costs as low as possible!


Some of us bring our own sewing machines and quilting tools but we plenty available if you don’t have your own. You may have to share as we can’t guarantee enough tools for everyone.


This is a VERY relaxed group! Lots of our members are beginners so we all join in and help each other. There is no pressure to even sew during the session if you prefer to work on the project at home during the month. We don’t aim for perfection, we aim for FUN!


We are usually working on several projects at once so everyone has something to do! Members are encouraged to bring their own ideas for quilt projects. All quilts that are made are donated to charity.


If you would like to come along or would like more information please CONTACT US or sign up for our NEWSLETTER.


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